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"Sales-y" Sales Copy Be Gone!

Been staring at a blank screen?

Cursing at a blinking cursor?


You are an entrepreneur, a maker, a professional service provider...not a copywriter. 


But you need words to get your ideal client to say "Yes". 


It all starts with your customer and finding out who they are, "where" they are, and what they want. 

How do we uncover these mysteries?


By asking!

By using client data and proven copywriting techniques we get you that "Yes".

      "Yes" to More Sales

      "Yes" to More Products

      "Yes" to More of what You Offer

That means that we don't start with a blank page and a blinking cursor.


We start with your ideal customer and build converting sales copy around their voice and your brand. 

That is how we get you to "Yes".

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A Creative Copywriting Strategist

Danika doubled the attendance for my annual first-time buyer's seminar. Out of that seminar, I booked 3 deals totalling over 50k in revenue for my team. She is consistent in her communication, understands who my client is and how to reach them. She is also a creative strategist, helping me overcome obstacles with thoughtful solutions to in regards to RMLS. Get her on your team to get results.


Michelle M., John L Scott Real Estate

Conversion Copywriting

Building a Bridge Between Who Your Customer is And a Better Version of Themselves.

Research Methods

Before the pen hits the page...

From review raking to surveys and interviews, we will uncover the right kind of research to get at the heart of what motivates your client to go from thinking about it to clicking about it. SEO best practices are always baked into the copy.

Sales Copy

Get that Click With the Right Sales Copy!

Once we know more about how your current client thinks and behaves, we can move them from knowing your brand to becoming a happy, and paying, customer. 

Testing & Learning

Sales Copy With Testable Results 

By pairing conversion copy methods with analytics, we can test, prove and validate the success of your campaign, website, landing pages, emails, etc. Tools already exist we just have to use them! 

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Copywriting That Takes the Words Right Out of Their Mouths.

You don't have to worry about sleazy sales tactics...but you might be accused of being a mind-reader.


Stand out in the crowd.

I had hired her to write some AirBnB copy to start but after I saw her work on that, I asked her to take a look at two websites of mine. After those were completed, I then recommended her to my family! She was consultative, encouraged my input, and worked with me to make my properties and websites shine.

Kristi S, Owner of Vacation Concan Rentals

Work with Danika Ess Copywriting


From our initial discussion to our final draft, we will always be looking for the most concise way to communicate your message, your vision, and your product/service to your ideal client. And then we keep refining. And refining. 


We are not going to guess what your clients and customers want. We are going to drill into your client data to find amazing insights. Don't have any data? We can put things in place to capture it so that we can analyse it later.


Whether working with an in-house marketing team or directly with the owner, I love working on a collaborative basis that allows everyone ownership of the amazing results we can achieve, together.


I use a professional editor for all my copy. That means there will never be an embarrassing 

mispelling or a comma out of place in the copy delivered to you and served to your clients and customers.


Looking for a service I don't provide? I have a stable of professionals more than happy to help. From branding experts to virtual assistants, I can help you find what you are looking for.

Sales Copy is Your Next Step.

Find out how we'll turn your traffic into meaningful sales.

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