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The Hindes Ranch has been a working and hunting ranch since 1924, but they were struggling to transition from their traditional methods of marketing (word of mouth) to creating a more stable client base through their website traffic.  What they had when we started was an "About Us" page with a pricing page for the hunt.

We took the time to analyze the offerings of their competition, realizing that most of them rely on an "exotic" and "luxury" experience.

Instead of trying to compete, we embraced the "rustic", "traditional", and "authentic" experience of hunting a native species in its natural habitat. We also uncovered another potential income source for the ranch in the form of nature and wildlife photography sessions.

Their site now hosts a home page, services, lodging, about us, FAQ, all helping them to capture more of those hunters looking for a nostalgic instead of high-tech hunt.


In an effort to continue to keep the voice of the customer present on their site, we developed a customer follow up survey. This encourages them to become a part of the "tradition" of Hindes Ranch by sharing their stories and allowing the owners of Hindes Ranch to follow up on and add to their current range of services. 


Every 6 months we go over the responses, see if we need to make any changes to the site, and keep on moving forward to creating a more authentic and "real" experience for their clients.

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