Product Descriptions 


The owner of Steno{swag} knew that she wanted her product descriptions to be just as full of attitude as the products themselves. She was simply struggling over the words. As a full-time student, mom, and entrepreneur she was overwhelmed.

She knew what she had to do, she just couldn't get the words out.


That's where I come in!

By matching the tone she wanted for her site I made her happy. Even more importantly, after our discovery call and digging into her client feedback I was able to uncover what her clients were REALLY after. And it isnt just a snarky mug. They want recognition for the hard, silent, and often overlooked work that they do...even if they have to buy it for themselves.

Now when she gets a new product to her line, she doesn't have to sweat the words. She gives that work to me.

Product Descript 1.png
Product Descript 2.png