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Save Time. Build Sales. 
Grow Your Business.


Hire an Expert.

Proper Copy for Your Properties.

You LOVE your industry but...

  • You want to spend more time meeting with clients and less time marketing to them.

  • You are sick of spending extra hours at your desk trying to find the right words.

  • You are grinding your teeth trying to figure out SEO for that Blog.

  • The word salad you are serving up as a property description is making even YOU cringe.

You wear a lot of hats when you work in the properties industry. Not only do you act as an intermediary, but you are also a killer negotiator, scheduler, a defacto sub-contractor, a (sometimes) marriage counsellor, mentor, business owner, and ​...

Somehow, you are expected to find the time to be an expert at sales copy...and you are not. 

Whether you are an estate agent, a property manager, or a single STR owner...


this is eating into your time and your reputation. Do something about it.

Get Your Time Back.

Build Your Sales.

Grow Your Business.

Let's transform the way you spend your day.

No more staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to come for your blog.

No more awkward property descriptions for your vacation rentals and holiday lets. 
No more waiting for your webpage to be more than just an online business card.

Yes to meeting with more clients about buying, selling and letting property.

Yes to negotiating more sales and more contracts.

Yes to signing more business to your vacation property management portfolio. 

Stop wasting your time and hire a professional with satisfied clients who are just like you.

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"Her writing is clear, concise, and compelling, and will tell a story about your property in an incredibly captivating way. I honestly didn't know the value of a vacation rental copywriter until Danika completely transformed my post and increased my number of bookings exponentially. I am incredibly grateful to have found her and recommend Danika and her services highly."

Kerry R, STR Owner

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Danika Ess Copywriting* began as a social media company in the US for real estate in 2018. After I moved across the world to the UK, my focus shifted to copywriting to create a better value for clients through SEO strategies and storytelling techniques. 

I help estate agents and property managers get beyond the jargon of "We are delighted to bring to market..." to help them reach their clients where they are.

I am delighted to work with estate agents and property managers who understand the power of storytelling and psychology in sales, web copy, and blogging.

Let's get something on the calendar so we can get you back your time, build your sales, and grow your business. 

*Why Danika Ess Copywriting instead of Danika Stochosky? Try spelling or saying "Stochosky" without years of practice! I promise to teach you how.


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