4 Easy Blog Ideas for Estate Agents and Property Managers

You made it! You're here!

You have realized that blogging is the marketing solution you were looking for!

This is an image of houses on a hill, shrouded in mist.
The mist is clearing!

While social media is ephemeral, blogging works like a bank to build up your credibility. And that is not only with clients but with search engines too!

Your blog can be mined for your social media content, newsletters, emails. Blogs are the gift that keeps on giving.

The hard part can be figuring out “What should I blog about?” This can be a paralyzing question.

This is the not so secret schedule that I use to help my clients engage their "SEO Core". Keep in mind that these are blog post ideas that are indefinitely “wash and repeat”. You can just keep going, or you can deviate. There is no wrong way! Just get writing!

Having a schedule makes it easier to remember what you have to do, as well as helps you to:

  • Establish Authority in Your Profession

  • Build Trust Between You and Your Customers

  • Win Business By Being Visible in Search Engines

“How To” Blog Ideas for STR and Homebuyers

How To:

  • Help Your Kids Smoothly Transition Schools

  • Stay Objective When House Hunting

  • Stage Your Home on a Budget

  • Keep Houseplants Alive in a Vacation Rental

  • Deal with Nervous Pets in a Move

  • Handle Difficult STR Situations

These blog topics are what new homeowners, movers and STR (short term rental) owners are asking about. And “How To” blog posts are some of the most successful blog topics out there.

Give them the benefit of your knowledge. You're the expert that they're going to be turning to when they "Google It". Think about the conversations you have with your client when they are thinking about:

  • Moving

  • Selling

  • Investing

  • Listing with a Property Manager

Reference thought leaders and link out to their sites about child development, pet care, plant care, local schools, etc.

If you start answering their questions before they have a chance to ask anyone directly, they are going to know they found the right person to work with.

Blog About the Community You Serve

Everyone wants to feel like they are working with someone who understands the community they want to live in.

This is an image of a park path in the fall covered with leaves.
Is there a park nearby? MAJOR ASSET to the property!

Community Interest blog ideas can be everything from:

  • New Local Community Shops

  • Park Descriptions and Activities

  • School Boundary/Curriculum Changes

My favourite blog ideas come from interviews with past clients about what they love about their new postcode. (Client testimonials are POWERFUL as well, especially when talking about their neighbourhood.)

Your “community footprint” can be as wide as you want to make it. You can define a community as East London or you can define it as the entire Gulf Coast.

Position yourself as someone who understands what it will be like to experience living or vacationing in that community.

When they're about to make a big sale, a big buy or make any big changes to their life they want to know they can depend on you.

Knowing that you're a member of the community that you serve goes a long way to creating trust and confidence in your services and abilities.

Multi-Property Owners Have Needs Too

Would you like to work with clients who only need a new home once every decade?

Or would you like to work with someone who wants to be adding to their portfolio every 6-12 months? Or more often?

I am not advocating that you abandon your regular homeowner or single STR owner. But you should be cultivating your multi-property owner stream of revenue. One of the ways you can do that is by posting regularly about the hardships that landlords face on a daily basis.

  • How to Prevent Property Damage

  • Maintaining a Relationship with Tenants

  • How to Interview a Handyman

  • Questions to Ask Your Property Manager

  • What Current Laws Mean for Tenants/Landlords

If you need more topics, sign into a Multi-Property Owners FB group. You can find all kinds of things to write about.

Also, ASK A LANDLORD FOR BLOG IDEAS! Something you may uncover, if you do not regularly work with landlords, is that they feel misunderstood and mischaracterized. If you can show that you understand that they are humans too, trying to do the best that they can with their properties, it will go a long way.

This is an image of an apartment building.
Landlords are people too...they have a lot going on!

If they like you and like the information that you provide them regularly, they're more likely to think of you as an asset.

Show that you are more than a person who can chase paper across a conveyancer's desk or send a person in to clean their vacation home after guests. Be different in a market full of "transactional'' agents and property managers.

PRO TIP: Exchange blog ideas and posts with a letting agent or estate agent who has the same blogging regimen. When you partner with someone else in the property industry, that you respect and trust, you are demonstrating that you have roots in the industry that go beyond your next sale.

Blogging is all about positioning yourself as an asset to your client. A blog helps sell THAT...not just that you can list a house and sell it or let it out.

Property Blog

This last bit can seem a little counterintuitive but hear me out.

Use this last scheduled blog topic to talk about listings that are not yours.

I know. I know.

You want to talk about your deals, your successes, your properties.

Yet, the purpose of blog posting is to show that you are a resource to your clients and to the community.

  • Properties that are a good bargain for investor

  • Locations that are up and coming

  • Local governance changes

  • City and township guidelines around leasehold improvements


Because it creates trust. And because you are not selling houses. You are selling aspirations achieved. You are selling dreams and memories.

Could the person potentially book to see the property without ever contacting you?


Are they likely to want to do a deal with someone they don't know? Or are they going to contact you for advice?

If you have done your job right, they are going to call you.


Important Elements to Drive Traffic

Make sure that your blogs are doing the job you want them to which is to drive traffic to your website. If you don’t, it's “Hello hard work, goodbye any results”.

That means making sure that your blogs have the following elements included:

#1 Long enough: 80% of all content published on the internet in the form of a blog is too short. And by too short, I mean that Google cannot tell what the site or the blog is about. Blog ideas are all well and good, but 500 words are not going to get you very far in impressing your readers that you are an expert or in allowing Google to catch on to what you are saying.

Whether they read every word you wrote is not as important as making sure they know that you are the expert they are looking for.

Aim for 1000 words. If you want to keep going, do it!

#2 Original: I am not saying that you have to reinvent the wheel. I am saying that if you repost content that exists somewhere else, it will not drive traffic to your site. While blog ideas and blog topics can be wash-and-repeat...the point is to WASH….not just repeat. Put your own spin on things, include your opinion or a funny story.

Check out Panda 2011 and what it means for duplicated content here.

#3 Consistency: This is a wash and repeat schedule. Remember to repeat.

Without consistency, you can lose ground. Give people the benefit of your insight and your experience without waiting for them to call you.

And deliver regularly! Google and your readers will thank you.

#4 Format & Keywords are Best Friends

Keywords = What you think people are putting into the google search bar to find your helpful blog?

Keywords should be in the following places in your blog:

  • H1 (title)

  • H2 (subheadings, at least once)

  • 1st 150 words of your Blog

  • Last 150 words of your Blog

These format designations can be found in Word or Google Docs. (If you get stuck, just ask me!) You can also find out more about formatting here.

#5 Call To Action at the End

Don’t forget the most important thing and that is your call to action!

“You can always reach me at 0730 758 3648 if you have any questions about the above properties. I am happy to help you make your next step in property management (or whichever industry you are a part of).”

*Remember, the point of writing your blog is to make sure that people see you as a valuable resource. And that they call you!


The Goal of Killer Blog Ideas

The whole point of having a blog is to quit spinning your wheels on vanity metrics on FB and Insta and drive traffic to your site by showing up organically in a search engine result.

Fresh, thick, interesting, thoughtful, and findable content is what will get the job done. And that content makes not only search engines, but also your potential customers see you as an expert.

It doesn’t matter if someone reads your blog all the way through.

That is just the unvarnished truth.

What matters is that you answered questions that they had, you have a library of topics on your profession built up, and that you are the person they are looking for to help them with their transaction, management, or relationship.

It Is a Time Investment

This is a lot, I know!

Most people stop blogging after 4 weeks because they do not see results right away. IT TAKES TIME! But the investment is worth it!

This is an image of the clock face of the town clock in Prague.
Spend the Time or the Money. It is worth the investment.

If all this seems like a lot to take on yourself, not to worry.

You can call me and we can talk through this.

You have a lot on your plate as a property manager or estate agent marketing themselves already. Having blog ideas is just the jumping-off point.

Schedule a Time for a Chat and let’s talk about what you want to achieve!