Conversion Copy For Closers

The voice of your customer comes first.

Then the writing starts



From building your email list to closing in on a sale, landing pages keep your prospect focused on the task at hand...clicking that button!

5 Sets Ad Copy | Landing Page | Optimized Offer Development | Thank You Page Copy | Follow-Up Email Copy

Starting at £400


Email marketing is what turns cold leads into customers, customers into raving fans, and raving fans into evangelists. 

Welcome Sequences  | Launch Sequences | Content Libraries 

Starting at £500


Your website should function like a 24 hour sales person instead of a business card. With sales copy that speaks to every type of buyer, we convert prospects into customers.

Home  | Services & Products | About Us | FAQ

Starting at £1,200


Add On Services


Go beyond competitive research and use your past successes to secure your future sales by talking to your current clients!

Surveys | Obstacle Interviews | Thank You Page Surveys | Persona Performance | Product Feature Interviews | Offer Optimization


Let's find out what works and what doesn't by testing against your control. By making incremental changes and trying out new things, we can see where your sales and click through rates increase with just little changes here and there.

A/B Testing | User Experience Testing | Headline Exploration

Wire Frames

Want to know what it will look like on your website? Wire Frames allow you to present copy to your site designer with the confidence that they will put the copy in a User Friendly format, instead of dumping it into another duplicated template.

AdobeXD Wire Frame | Full UX Delivery | PDF Delivery | Designer Walkthrough and Consultation

Strategy Sessions

Some of this marketing mumbo-jumbo might be right over your head. Book a session to chat through your ideas, the first 30 minutes is free!

Site and Collateral Assessments also available.

30 mins Free Consultation |

Detailed Live or Recorded Assessments start at £75 Hr

Research & Customer

Influenced Copy


You can't waste that

traffic anymore.

You have worked hard on driving traffic to your site through content. But you have noticed it isn't converting into sales.


Now its time to nail that sale with persuasive, data-driven copy that speaks directly to your ideal clients' needs and fears, wants and dreams. 

SEO Keyword Infused

Sales Focused


Don't let that traffic getaway any longer.

Starting at £370 a Page

noun_Digital Campaign_2098408.png

Market to your fans. 

You built that email list, its time to make it work for you.

Email marketing still delivers, dollar for dollar, the best ROI in your marketing toolbox.


There is no algorithim to beat.

No invasive and expensive ads to pay for.

And when you have the right email sequence, people will be waiting for your next letter.​​

Starting at £37 an email, £107 for 3-mail sequence


From "thinking" about it to

"clicking" about it.

You know that by selling your prospect the best version of themselves, we can take your offer from ho-hum to must-have. 

We get there with research.

On your competition.

On your offer.

And on your prospect.


Let's get started.

Starting at £37 per description 


Research. Analyse. Synthesize. Write. Test. Repeat.

When the before state and dream state of your prospect is KNOWN, instead of guessed at, your conversion rate goes up.

Have you:
Established your unique value proposition?

Achieved product/market fit?

Have regular traffic flow?

If so, then using all the tools in the conversion copywriter tool kit is the next right step. We use surveys, interviews, competitive research, user testing, A/B testing, 5-second tests and more to make your copy sell. Instead of just tell.

noun_write up_2073272 (1).png


1 Round of Revisions

1 Trip to an Independent Editor

Competitor, Prospect and SEO Research

Bundled Services Pricing Available

£120 Project Minimum 

noun_creative_2073266 (1).png

Sell your prospect a better version of themselves.

You know that the only way to do that is to focus on your prospect.


Not your product.

Not your service.

Not your mission statement.


It's time to turn those likes and looks into clicks that book.

My fans are

fans of her words.

I love being creative, but I was struggling to give my product descriptions the attitude and flair that I wanted. Everything I wrote just sounded so...blah. Danika helped me to find the tone and set the stage for my website and for my other selling platforms. My fans are fans of her words. By changing the words "Stenography Cover" to "Cover Your Money Maker" I have people buying covers 4 at a time instead of just one. Super friendly, responsive, and always available to talk through ideas with. I will keep working with her whenever I add new products!


Jill M, StenoSwag

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What to Expect


We have a chat! You can schedule a conversation by clicking right here. If we find we are a good fit, I will send you a proposal for the scope of the job (this includes timeline).


If agreed to, I will send an invoice, contract, and a client questionnaire to make sure that I capture YOUR words accurately. Once the 50% down payment is completed, I start working.


Copy will be submitted in draft form for editing purposes. Once the copy is approved by you, it is sent to an external editor and proofer for polishing up.


Once the final copy is submitted, full payment is due on the copy. 


Clear, Concise and


"Her writing is clear, concise, and compelling... in an incredibly captivating way. I honestly didn't know the value of a copywriter until Danika completely transformed...and increased my number of bookings exponentially. I am incredibly grateful to have found her and recommend Danika and her services highly."


Kerry S.

It's time to make it happen.

You are one conversation away from converting traffic into sales. 

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