Property Descriptions 

The owner of Saltwater Bay Cabin needed a description that helped her differentiate her vacation home from her competition. The other local hot spots were all sporting the same features and she was getting lost in the crowd.

Instead of relying on the features of the cabin, I decided to start digging into what past renters loved about staying there...and it was the experience--not the features - that most of them were so thrilled about. 

We also resolved a neighbourhood issue of overharvesting the local seafood by letting people know that they needed a license to collect shellfish from the beach.

Since this updated description was posted, the owner has reported back that she has had back to back reservations, rave reviews, happy neighbours, and return guests. 

That is what using client feedback and insight is all about!



"I feel such pride in my listing now. I have already had guests comment on how helpful it is and how much they are looking forward to all that the cabin has to offer...THAT has never happened before. Danika's consultative approach made this process feel inclusive and I feel like a better-informed owner. And the new description has only been up a week. I had to up my minium stay length and it is still booking like mad."

Cheryl T., Property Manager