Web Copy

for Logistical Services

Struggling with how to communicate to his customers that he does more than your average courier, the owner came to me looking for a way to emphasize his expertise and his experience in a way that would allow him to grow his customer base. 

COVID-19 sapped his niche market of entertainment and events courier services. So he needed a re-think and a re-brand.

We adjusted the focus from being about the industries he serves to being about the services he provides...including care of fragile and delicate items that need to be shipped quickly.

We also emphasised customer care with dedicated account managers and upped his About Page to have more character and tell his story. 


Since the upgrade and addition of SEO best practices to the site, Danny has felt more confident about networking, sending people to his site, and has even had to hire a few more people to help carry the workload. 


That is the power of great copy. It grows your business.