3 Tools to Make Blogging Less Painful


We all know we have to do it.

But no one, when they are first starting their blog, is really excited about the prospect.

There is Subject Overwhelm (what do I even talk about?)

Then there is SEO Overwhelm

Add to that, “I am not a writer, I am a ______.”

Get to the end of that list and you have a recipe for dreaded inertia...

or straight-up pouting...it happens.

So, I assembled these tools to help you get over the fear that you are going to make a mistake or that you don't even know where to start. Anyone can write a blog, the important thing is that you start.

3 Reasons you Should Invest in Your Blog

This is controversial, but I am going to say it loud and proud here.

A blog is more powerful content than social media posts.


I am not saying that social media is not important.

I am saying you get more out of building authority, trust, and SEO ranking than you do with social media (which given the algorithms, who knows if people even see it or what changes are going to disrupt your flow).

Here’s Why

#1 Double Dipping

You can pull content out of your blog to BE your social media posts. It’s double-dipping in the same resource pool.

Unlike at a party, there is no double-dip police between your blog thoughts and social media posts. So double-dip away.

#2 SEO Ranking

SEO can be scary. Learning new stuff, especially stuff that people have warned you is complicated, can make you throw up your hands before you even get started.

BUT I am going to give you a secret tool to battle your fear of SEO.

You are going to need to be on Chrome for this to work and you will need to be operating out of GoogleDocs. Time to give up on Yahoo! and AOL and use some online tools in Google Drive.

If you apply the tool and follow its rules you are going to feel like an SEO pro in no time.

#3 Authority Building

Want to be known as the person who knows the things people are asking about? You have to build a library that shows that you know your stuff!

How do you even know what people want to know about your kind of business?

My favourite way is lurking. I am a serial lurker on FB groups. I am there to gather information about what people want to know about, direct from my target audience's mouth. (That is the birthplace of this blog right here).

Make baby clothes? Eavesdrop in parent groups.

Make wine? Hang out in parent group…(joking/not joking)

Accountant? Lurk around in Entrepreneur groups.

PRO-TIP: Don’t hang out exclusively with people who are looking for your product….hang out in OTHER touchpoints in their life.

I swear that if I saw a wine gift basket that was targeted at homeschooling parents during Covid-19, I would be eating chocolates, wine, and cheese while writing this blog...And I would buy one for all of my girlfriends with kids...target meeeeeee!

So that is the why.

Let's get to the how.


3 Tools for Making Blogging Easier

Talk to Text for Google Docs

The best thing ever for converting talkers to writers.

Where to find it:

Once you have opened up your Google Drive and you are in a new document, you can find Talk to Text under the tools menu.

Plug-in your earbuds with a microphone or use the internal microphone on your laptop. Get talking about what you are passionate about. The beauty of this is that you can talk your way around and through a topic, and then go back and edit.

On my first pass on the editing, I find TONS of meanderings and miss spellings. The great news is that those meanderings might make fab blog topics for the future. If they are interesting, I might just clip them out of the article and save them in a blog topics folder for another day.

This is a great way to get your authentic “voice” into your writing without feeling like you are writing.

Hemmingway App

Once you have got all or your spelling mistakes handled and think that your sentence structure looks pretty good, you are going to need to check it for readability. Hemmingway to the rescue. I am going to let them speak for themselves.

Blog writing is not like academic writing. So sometimes, after talking through a topic I know a lot about or that I am passionate about, I need someone to check myself before I wreck myself.

You should aim for 6th Grade readability and try to fix all the recommendations made by the app if you can. This is like training wheels, eventually, you won’t need this because you will be able to tell when you have gone overboard with your verbosity. But until then, this Free Tool will keep you on the right track for simplicity and talking you down from using all those commas.

Once it has been through Hemmingway, just copy and paste it back into your Google Docs. (You will probably see that there is a formatting issue with the background. Go to the Format tab in Google Docs and click clear Formatting.)

GDoc SEO Assistant

This is an SEO fear buster that can help you to feel like you know how to increase your Google ranking without too much crazy-making, course-taking, or just blog overwhelm creeping over you.

Once you have talked your way through your blog and used Hemmingway to simplify your messages, GDoc SEO Assistant will help you make the most out of your blog.

Once you have the Add-on installed on your Chrome Browser, you can apply it to your blog post. Just click on Add-ons (its between tools and help on your Google Docs toolbar).

That target keyword is a bit of a guess at this point. If you know that your target audience is talking about smelly cheeses and you sell cheeses online, your keyword might be smelly cheeses.

For this post, I know that a lot of entrepreneurs are feeling pulled in 20 different directions and are feeling overwhelmed by content creation. So my keyword might be “Easy Content Creation”.

The good news is that this phrase is trending. The bad news is that as you can see in this list, I have some things to do on my task list before I will be able to “rank” for this keyword or keyword phrase.

If you tap the Related Keywords tab, next to SEO suggestions, you can see other keyword phrases that are currently being searched for as well.



This GDoc SEO Assistant is NOT a replacement for a great content creator. Neither is Hemmingway or Talk and text. These tools don't create campaigns. These are simply tools to get you started.

You also have to keep word count, consistency, linking out to valuable sources, etc.

If I started talking about the methods used by content creators to create keyword phrase lists, campaigns, etc, your eyes may roll up in your head and you might faint dead away.

Do the THING, even easy content creation

I want you to know that there are tools out there to help you. This stuff isn’t magic and it isn’t impossible for you to do. It just might take some tools to get you to see that you can crank out content of value without feeling like an imposter or like it isn't worth it.

The Important Thing is to START!

While content creation is NOT MY JAM, I can still help you out if you are stuck.

Feel free to set up a call and we can have a jam sesh about all this writing stuff you feel overwhelmed by.

That way you can go back to making SaaS platforms, or lip gloss, or photography, or whatever else you have on your plate with the confidence that you know what your first steps are. It’s also nice to know that there are people like me out there that can help you get some clarity on your Next Steps.



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